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 Customer Service Values
There are a lot of values that are worth assessing for your business. Let's start with customer service values. Some examples of customer service values are:
-    Accuracy-Truth, correctness, and exactness in your dealings are important.
-    Cleanliness-Cleanliness is important in your business operations and personnel, and in the physical ambience of your business.
-    Maximum Utilization of Resources-This is a very important value for any business. Resources-human or otherwise-should be optimally utilized.
-    Orderliness-Being organized is another important business value. Orderliness, or having everything in proper order, helps you in customer dealings, including making a good impression on customers.
-    Punctuality and Timeliness-These qualities are appreciated in every arena of life, and business is no different. You should always be punctual in your business dealings. Appreciate the value of your own time and that of others.
-    Quality of Products and Services-It's ultimately the quality of the products you deliver and the services you provide that makes a name for your business. Never compromise on quality.
-    Regularity and Reliability-You should not be seen as a ―seasonal player.‖ That creates a perception that you are amateurish-not professional enough. Be regular in your dealings so that your customers see you as someone they can rely on.
-    Responsiveness-Always have an ear for the customer. You should respond quickly and completely to your customers.
-    Safety-Like punctuality, this is not a business-specific value. Put safety first in all your transactions.
-    Speed of Operations-Time is money. The speed with which you operate indicates your commitment and adds value to your business.