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When do I need a Marketing Consultant?

We meet with a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs with the same questions.

How do I promote my business?

Should I start a new business now?

Will this business work in my community?

Do I really need to advertise my business?

I don’t like social media or the internet. Do I really need to use it?

Asking questions is the first step to finding out if you need a marketing consultant. These questions and answers help you with critical decisions when starting or running a business. Having a plan, whether it’s a new business or an established business, is the key to success in both directions.

Here is the problem!

Follow through.

Asking questions and getting advice is great, but there is a catch. The statistics tell us a bigger story than the majority of business owners and entrepreneurs realize. Many of them ask the important questions and get the right answer, but it stops there. The purpose of asking questions and getting advice is to benefit from the results. When the advise or opportunity is not used going forward then it was time and energy not well spent.

Starting and running a business takes effort, it takes change and it takes strategy.

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