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What will you find at Galaxy Gallery? Everything!

Galaxy Gallery isn’t just a fantastic art gallery, it’s also a consignment shop. We also provide services like glass etching and window decals to customize your lifestyle. The Galaxy Gallery has wonderful local art, clothing for women, men, kids and infants. Need the perfect jewelry to go with your new outfit or a special occasion? We have that too! Check out our website or come on down to the gallery and check it out.

Artist Judy Figgins' Artwork Now On Display at Galaxy Gallery
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What a Treat to have the works of Judy Figgins added to the Galaxy Gallery! We are very glad that Judy was able to return to her artwork and that she now has a body of work large enough to share with the Public. She adds so much character and detail to her images that they almost become photographic. Her mediums of choice help bring out of her the essence of her image subjects.

Be sure to stop into the Gallery and experience Judy’s Fine Art display.

Click Here to Visit her Facebook Page!

Here is Judy’s Bio in her own words.

I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Growing up on a ranch in southeastern Colorado, I developed a love for horses (and animals in general) early on and they became the subjects of many of my drawings. After high school I put my art aside (for the most part) for around 20 years. In the early part of 2017 I started up again just doing a few graphite drawings. With the help of instructional videos as well as art pages on social media, I decided to try color pencil. Soon after I started color pencil drawings a friend of mine asked if I would draw a memorial portrait of their dog. That was the start of doing pet portraits. I began seeing several pastel drawings online and that led to a curiosity about the medium so I gave it a try.... I was hooked. Pastel has become my favorite medium to work with.

Currently I work with graphite, charcoal and pastel. Learning different techniques in different mediums has really fueled my passion for drawing. I have completed numerous pet portraits and have won awards in local art shows. I am thankful that God has blessed me with the privilege of being a stay at home mom and being able to homeschool our daughters. I'm also thankful to Him for the talent He has blessed me with as well as the time and resources to work on improving my skills.

Harnessed Power - Matted Print - $115.00

Harnessed Power - Matted Print - $115.00

Hangin’ Tree Seedlings - (These Pups need a home!) - $110.00

Hangin’ Tree Seedlings - (These Pups need a home!) - $110.00

Lookin’ for Action - Matted Print - $95.00

Lookin’ for Action - Matted Print - $95.00

It's happening at the Galaxy Gallery!

The last 6 months have been a rocky road but the gallery has prevailed and is running full swing. We are working to expand the gallery in the next few weeks to allow for more local art and consignment. More events and promotion to come in our attempt at showcasing our talented artists. Make plans to visit the gallery and see all the exciting new things happening.

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Photography by Cheryl Porter
Cheryl Porter of CP Photography

Cheryl Porter of CP Photography

The Galaxy Gallery is pleased to have the photography of CP Photography (Cheryl Porter) now on display. Cheryl’s photography covers the essence of the plains and southeast Colorado. From Sunsets and sunrises to abandoned barns and livestock her images are colorful and captivating. Some of her pieces include inspirational quotes and sayings. Stop by the Gallery and enjoy a peaceful moment or two viewing the wonderful images by Cheryl Porter and CP Photography.

Here is some information about Cheryl Porter and her work from her Facebook About Page. Please visit and follow her there.

Hello, My name is Cheryl Porter. I was born, and have lived in SE Colorado much of my life. I currently live in Springfield, Colorado. After moving back from the Denver area in 2014, have enjoyed rediscovering the country life. My passion is to photograph this area's beauty, (to show that there is much more to Colorado than its Rocky Mountains), and enjoying photographing beauty wherever I happen to be.

SE Colorado has a beauty that could easily be missed, as at first glance it can appear dry and desolate. I want to encourage those who would take the time, to discover the beauty of the plains, with beautiful fields of growing crops, the historical remains of days past, the wildlife, the wide open sky that dazzles with amazing sunrises, sunsets, and storms, and the stars so bright at night you feel as if you can reach up and touch them.

Thanks to all the encouragement of many of my family members and friends to sell my photos, this page is to share them! If you see something you would like to order, please message me. Please check back often, as new photos will continue be added! :) Thanks for your time and interest, it is greatly appreciated.

Foggy Sunrise by Cheryl Porter

Foggy Sunrise by Cheryl Porter

Somewhere over the Rainbows by Cheryl Porter

Somewhere over the Rainbows by Cheryl Porter

Art by Courtney Warman

The Galaxy Gallery would like to Welcome
Courtney A. Warman to the Gallery!

Courtney A. Warman is an artist and graphic designer who grew up in Lamar, Colorado. She started painting at the age of 12. As a child, she could only dream of hanging her art in a gallery in her hometown since there weren't galleries available to do so. 

Inspired by nature, Bob Ross, Claude Monet and painting, she continued her education in the art field. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Creative Writing from Colorado State University-Pueblo in Spring of 2010. 

Growing up in Lamar taught her to see the beauty of simplicity and to appreciate the smallest of things. In her series of monotone achromatic paintings she celebrates the beauty of everyday objects. Objects that we, as a society, take for granted and do not give much attention too. With a strong composition, she captures and recreates the importance of these objects. These objects are significant in our everyday lives providing heat and electricity to our homes, classrooms and offices. Most of the time, these objects are thrown away and replaced with new. 

Currently, she works as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant full-time. She works with students PreK-12th grade. She loves working with kids, but her true passion is to create art and share it with the world. 

When she is off from her full-time job, she focuses on being creative and expanding her small business, Warman Hearted. She designs greeting cards, custom wedding invitations and stationery sets. Recently,  she and her boyfriend, Eddie Recio, have started building custom picture frames for people in Lamar and surrounding areas.

Artist contact information:
Courtney A. Warman 
Website: warmanhearted.weebly.com
Instagram: @warmanhearted 
Facebook: Warman Hearted  - https://www.facebook.com/warmanhearted/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WarmanHearted

Glass Etching & Window Decals Now Available!

Need some custom gift or event ideas? Come visit us and see the glass etching and window decal options we have available. Parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just a special gift for someone. Custom etching and custom window decals make great gifts or show your support for your favorite team or athlete. Order online HERE.

Download the flyer HERE.

Download the price list HERE.

January 2019 Artist Spotlight and Drawing
WIN this Painting!

WIN this Painting!

Our Featured Artist of the Month for January 2019 is Mary Brundage. At the end of the month, a lucky drawing winner will receive this piece titled "Estes Park Elk", an 8 x 8 inch oil on board created by Mary who works in oils, graphite, mixed media and other art styles and mediums. Her artwork is interesting, colorful and varied with a lot of texture.

Read more about Mary and her artwork by clicking - Here!

How to Enter: Visit the Galaxy Gallery at 108 N Main Street and make a purchase of $4.00 or more, or make a donation to this month's partner nonprofit, W.I.I.G.S. for $5.00 or more to be entered into the drawing. For more information contact www.ruralcm.com.

Get exclusive deals from the Gallery by texting GALAXY to 55222

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Artist Debbie Phillips On Display at the Galaxy Gallery
Debbie Phillips_art-web.jpg

A new addition to the Galaxy Gallery is artist Debbie Phillips.

Phillips, a relatively new artist began painting in the fall of 2012.  Her last child was away in college at CSU in Ft. Collins and she finally had the time to work on things that had always been on her wish list: painting, quilting and sewing.

Her first couple of paintings were a little flat and lacked dimension but it didn’t take her long to begin to paint with more perspective and depth.  Because she has still not settled on a favorite medium Phillips works in a variety of formats: oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen/watercolor, mixed media, pastels, earth pigments, natural elements and recycled materials.  Anything that catches her eye or she finds interesting can be the subject of her art.

This last year she has been working in some new mediums like pen and ink sketches with watercolors.  “I like the control that the pen and ink give me to create details,” explained Phillips, “but I really like the depth and dimension that the watercolors bring to the piece.”

Another new technic Phillips has been working with is natural earth pigments on rawhide.  Phillips’ exhibit features an art work Symbols of Yester Year which was done with all natural elements.

 “I love horses and always come back to creating an abstract horse,” said Debbie, “My latest painting is a golden horse with blue, purple, gold and green mane blowing in the wind.”  Her Golden Horse is a 24”x24” acrylic painting.

Pastels make beautifully detailed animals and has become a favorite of hers to work with when doing wildlife, dogs and cats.  The exhibit includes several pastels of a variety of animals: Eagle Eye, Arabian Stallion, Big Horn Sheep, and Angry Bear.

“Some of my favorite creations have been my Quilted Art Handbags,” said Phillips, “They are all original designs, one-of-a-kind handbags that feature fiber art designs and a surprise lining. They are made with mostly reclaimed and recycled fabrics and have linings created with recycled jeans.”  Her exhibit will soon include some of these truly beautiful and versatile handbags made to last.

Phillips has only taken a couple of art classes in her life but discovered that there is a wealth of information and knowledge available through books and the internet.  Most of what she has done has been self-taught; some through the process of trial and error, correct and go on; formulate a new plan and even a couple of this is not good – start overs.  But each painting and technic is a learning experience.

Phillips and her husband Craig have five children: Jennifer, Brandon, Jessica, Brady, and Janae.  They have nine grandchildren.  They live in the Cheraw area and both have lived in the valley all of their lives.

Contact Debbie at 719-469-2758 or email DebbiePhillipsStudio@gmail.com

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New hours!

RCMedia and Galaxy Gallery have new hours. We have made a few changes to our business hours to better fit some family needs and help maintain the the building. Our new hours are as follows.

Monday 9am to 9pm

Tuesday 9am to 9pm

Wednesday 9am to 9pm

Thursday 9am to 12pm, upon availability

Friday 9am to 12pm, upon availability

Saturday 1pm to 4pm, upon availability

Sunday 1pm to 4pm, upon availability

Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding.

December 2018 Artist Spotlight and Drawing


This month we highlight the exciting nature photography of Rev. Travis Walker out of Wiley, CO. Be sure and stop by the gallery for your chance to win this great piece!

Several of Travis Walker's photographic images are being offered at a discount. Please stop in and check out his artwork.

You can follow Travis on his website at traviswalker.myportfolio.com and learn a little more about him from one of our blog posts - Here!

This month's drawing winner will receive this piece created by Travis. If you like stunning storm clouds and small towns, you will be sure to enjoy this piece.

How to Enter: Visit the Galaxy Gallery at 108 N Main Street and make a purchase of $4.00 or more, or make a donation to this month's partner nonprofit, W.I.I.G.S. for $5.00 or more to be entered into the drawing. Drawing to be held Friday, December 28th at 12 Noon. For more information contact www.ruralcm.com.

Get exclusive deals from the gallery by texting GALAXY to 55222.

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Main Street Parking!
front of store2.jpg

Yes! Finally we will have Main Street Parking at 108 North Main Street in Lamar, CO!

It has been a while since the construction started in front of the Gallery, but we were told they would be opening some more of the 4 lane back up starting November 30th.

The new construction has been a pain, but the new improved access, wider highway, updated utilities and so much more will help to revitalize the downtown. Can’t Wait!

Stop in and See Us!