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Artist Debbie Phillips On Display at the Galaxy Gallery

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A new addition to the Galaxy Gallery is artist Debbie Phillips.

Phillips, a relatively new artist began painting in the fall of 2012.  Her last child was away in college at CSU in Ft. Collins and she finally had the time to work on things that had always been on her wish list: painting, quilting and sewing.

Her first couple of paintings were a little flat and lacked dimension but it didn’t take her long to begin to paint with more perspective and depth.  Because she has still not settled on a favorite medium Phillips works in a variety of formats: oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen/watercolor, mixed media, pastels, earth pigments, natural elements and recycled materials.  Anything that catches her eye or she finds interesting can be the subject of her art.

This last year she has been working in some new mediums like pen and ink sketches with watercolors.  “I like the control that the pen and ink give me to create details,” explained Phillips, “but I really like the depth and dimension that the watercolors bring to the piece.”

Another new technic Phillips has been working with is natural earth pigments on rawhide.  Phillips’ exhibit features an art work Symbols of Yester Year which was done with all natural elements.

 “I love horses and always come back to creating an abstract horse,” said Debbie, “My latest painting is a golden horse with blue, purple, gold and green mane blowing in the wind.”  Her Golden Horse is a 24”x24” acrylic painting.

Pastels make beautifully detailed animals and has become a favorite of hers to work with when doing wildlife, dogs and cats.  The exhibit includes several pastels of a variety of animals: Eagle Eye, Arabian Stallion, Big Horn Sheep, and Angry Bear.

“Some of my favorite creations have been my Quilted Art Handbags,” said Phillips, “They are all original designs, one-of-a-kind handbags that feature fiber art designs and a surprise lining. They are made with mostly reclaimed and recycled fabrics and have linings created with recycled jeans.”  Her exhibit will soon include some of these truly beautiful and versatile handbags made to last.

Phillips has only taken a couple of art classes in her life but discovered that there is a wealth of information and knowledge available through books and the internet.  Most of what she has done has been self-taught; some through the process of trial and error, correct and go on; formulate a new plan and even a couple of this is not good – start overs.  But each painting and technic is a learning experience.

Phillips and her husband Craig have five children: Jennifer, Brandon, Jessica, Brady, and Janae.  They have nine grandchildren.  They live in the Cheraw area and both have lived in the valley all of their lives.

Contact Debbie at 719-469-2758 or email DebbiePhillipsStudio@gmail.com

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