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What will you find at Galaxy Gallery? Everything!

Galaxy Gallery isn’t just a fantastic art gallery, it’s also a consignment shop. We also provide services like glass etching and window decals to customize your lifestyle. The Galaxy Gallery has wonderful local art, clothing for women, men, kids and infants. Need the perfect jewelry to go with your new outfit or a special occasion? We have that too! Check out our website or come on down to the gallery and check it out.

It's happening at the Galaxy Gallery!

The last 6 months have been a rocky road but the gallery has prevailed and is running full swing. We are working to expand the gallery in the next few weeks to allow for more local art and consignment. More events and promotion to come in our attempt at showcasing our talented artists. Make plans to visit the gallery and see all the exciting new things happening.

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Texting is the new Email!

Orange is the New Black, forty is the New thirty and texting is the New email! Galaxy Gallery is keeping up with the times and all the latest trends by offering you VIP Text alerts. We send no more than 4 messages per month and it’s FREE. Depending on your service carrier, massage or data rates may apply.

Now warm up those thumbs and fire up the texting device!

Text GALAXY to 55222.

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Want to Learn About HDR Photography?
HDR Image from Gatlinburg, TN

HDR Image from Gatlinburg, TN

HDR Photography - What it is, how to shoot for it, what software to use and more.

We are looking to do a workshop on an Introduction to HDR Photography in the near future if there is enough interest.

HDR is short for “high dynamic range.” Dynamic Range is the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark that you can capture in a photograph. If your image surpasses a camera’s dynamic range, the highlights will tend to blow out to white, and/or the darks will become just black areas with no detail. It is hard to shoot a single image photograph that captures both ends of that spectrum. That is where camera technique and software can come into play. This is what you will learn about in our Introduction to HDR Photography workshop.

If you are interested please call us at 719-695-0785 or email us at gallery@ruralcm.com.


This Friday will be the gallery’s first sale and you don’t want to miss it. This sale is ONE day only! Not all inventory in the gallery qualifies for the sale, select artists work only. Don’t worry art lovers, 75% of the art on display will get you the discount. Mark your calendar now to make sure you don’t miss this event. Below are images of the art available. This is also a great opportunity to sign up for the October Artist Spotlight Contest Drawing which you can find details about in the blog post below. Questions about the gallery? Contact us here. Also, when you stop in don’t forget to leave us a review or recommendation HERE.

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