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Travis Walker Now Showing in the Galaxy Gallery
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The Galaxy Gallery is happy to announce the latest artist to start showing their work in the Gallery, Travis Walker. Travis has brought in several fine pieces of nature based images to show in the gallery. There are framed, matted and un-matted images on his main display and he has brought in a nice selection of matted 5x7 prints as well 

Be sure to stop in and see all the new artwork on display in the Galaxy Gallery!

A little more about Travis K. Walker
Travis K. Walker is originally from Coffeyville in southeastern Kansas and currently resides in Wiley. Travis’s interest in photography has been building over time and is an important creative outlet and expression of faith for him. His photographic interests are primarily wildlife (especially birds), landscapes, and other parts of life as they come. Travis enjoys living in southeast Colorado with the rich diversity of migratory and resident birds, open landscapes, and history.
Travis serves as a United Methodist Pastor, currently serving at McClave United Methodist Church in McClave and Wiley United Methodist Church in Wiley. His photography is grounded on Psalm 104:24 “Lord, you have done so many things! You made them all so wisely! The earth is full of your creations!” 
Travis’s online portfolio can be found at http://traviskwalker.myportfolio.com and on Instagram @rev_traviskwalker.