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Local businesses need your help, including ours!

Ever wonder how you can help your local small businesses? Yes, going into the business and making a purchase is the obvious way but it’s not the only way. The majority of small businesses in our communities have merged into the digital world. That being said, there are some things you can do to help the business get more attention. In this post we will break that down for you in simple terms that let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Here we go….

Facebook has become one of the leaders in small business promotion and shopping. Yes, you still keep up with all the next level family and friend trends and is a good form of communication. Businesses with Facebook Pages need your help in getting more people to see them and follow them. Here are the does and don’ts for Facebook.

Don’t - don’t just like a page. Few people see what pages you like unless they dig deep into your profile. It may help you see more from that business but not so much for others.

What works - comments. Comments are a key factor in what pages people see. The more comments then the more people that see it.

Reviews and recommendations. Facebook is weeding out the reviews and turning more toward recommendations. There is not a button or link to click on order to accomplish this task so here are some tips. When you type the word recommendation in the text box Facebook will recognize that you have done so. The next step is adding the Facebook page. Do this by first typing the @ character in the text box and then the business name. You will see a list of coordinating Facebook Pages.

Sharing. This is another big factor in getting pages seen in the Facebook world. Simply liking a page, as we discussed earlier, doesn’t do the trick. You can share posts, events, pictures and web links from pages to help them get noticed.

Here is an image that is floating around Facebook that is making an attempt to help get more attention.

facebook sharing.jpg

Other social media and business services are pretty self explanatory as they provide easy ways to leave reviews. Twitter is another service that requires a bit more work from the user.

Twitter users can retweet posts from business as well as comment. You may also like a tweet or heart a tweet to help it out.

Here are a few other apps and services that are important for a small business to get attention.

Yelp and Google.

Yes, there are a lot more apps and service options out there but you will find them as you go. Just remember the importance of helping your local small businesses get noticed in the digital world. This is the new phone book and if businesses don’t get consumer help with recognition then they fall further and further down the list.

The bottom line is helping the small business community whether you shop there or not. These businesses are relying on you to help them advertise and spread the word.

If you would like to take a few minutes and help our small business here is a link to all of our review ares on one page. We thank you in advance for helping our business grow.

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