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New Art Project by Nature Photographer Jill Smith
New Bird Treasures for Kids

New Bird Treasures for Kids

Nature Photographer, Jill Smith, has recently added some new images to her collection at the Galaxy Gallery.

Come in and see this first set of 4 unique birds photographed by Jill. We have 4 sets currently available at the Gallery. 

Each month there will be a new set.

Check out the flyer for more information on this project for kids.

Bird Treasures for your Kids Flyer

Bird Treasures for your Kids Flyer

Northern Cardinal & American Krestrel

Northern Cardinal & American Krestrel

Ruby-crowned Kinglet & Bufflehead

Ruby-crowned Kinglet & Bufflehead

New Artist at the Galaxy Gallery - Mary Brundage
New Art by Artist Mary Brundage On Display at the Galaxy Gallery

New Art by Artist Mary Brundage On Display at the Galaxy Gallery

The Galaxy Gallery is happy to announce the latest artist to start showing their work in the Gallery - Mary Brundage, is out of La Junta, CO.

Mary works in oils, graphite, mixed media and other art styles and mediums. Her artwork is interesting, colorful and varied with a lot of texture. From an oil painting of a big bull elk to a portrait of a rancher, the variety is exciting and thought provoking.

A little more about Mary Brundage.

Raised in Southern Colorado and spending time in New Mexico, Mary’s art is influenced by both the high plains and the mountains. She was inspired by art at a young age and enjoyed visiting museums and art galleries over usual childhood activities. Mary set off to Colorado State University to obtain an art degree, however, due to a car accident was unable to pursue art and changed her major and obtained a minor in Art and a BA in political science. She never lost her passion for art and began creating art at a later age. Mary has been successful at winning awards in several art shows in Colorado and Texas and has been honored to receive invitations to donate work to the Museum of Biblical Art annual 8x8 auction in Dallas Texas.

We welcome Mary to the Galaxy Gallery and we invite you to come and take in her unique and varied artwork.

Be sure to stop in and see all the new artwork on display in the Galaxy Gallery!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Folks, We Have a Winner!

Folks, We Have a Winner!

Just a Quick Shout Out to our first monthly Featured Artist Drawing. For the month of October we had one of Vincent Gearhart’s prints for the drawing.

The October Winner was John Sutherland of Lamar.

Congrats John and thank you for participating in our event. We hope you enjoy the artwork.

Vincent GearhartComment
Texting is the new Email!

Orange is the New Black, forty is the New thirty and texting is the New email! Galaxy Gallery is keeping up with the times and all the latest trends by offering you VIP Text alerts. We send no more than 4 messages per month and it’s FREE. Depending on your service carrier, massage or data rates may apply.

Now warm up those thumbs and fire up the texting device!

Text GALAXY to 55222.

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Local businesses need your help, including ours!

Ever wonder how you can help your local small businesses? Yes, going into the business and making a purchase is the obvious way but it’s not the only way. The majority of small businesses in our communities have merged into the digital world. That being said, there are some things you can do to help the business get more attention. In this post we will break that down for you in simple terms that let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Here we go….

Facebook has become one of the leaders in small business promotion and shopping. Yes, you still keep up with all the next level family and friend trends and is a good form of communication. Businesses with Facebook Pages need your help in getting more people to see them and follow them. Here are the does and don’ts for Facebook.

Don’t - don’t just like a page. Few people see what pages you like unless they dig deep into your profile. It may help you see more from that business but not so much for others.

What works - comments. Comments are a key factor in what pages people see. The more comments then the more people that see it.

Reviews and recommendations. Facebook is weeding out the reviews and turning more toward recommendations. There is not a button or link to click on order to accomplish this task so here are some tips. When you type the word recommendation in the text box Facebook will recognize that you have done so. The next step is adding the Facebook page. Do this by first typing the @ character in the text box and then the business name. You will see a list of coordinating Facebook Pages.

Sharing. This is another big factor in getting pages seen in the Facebook world. Simply liking a page, as we discussed earlier, doesn’t do the trick. You can share posts, events, pictures and web links from pages to help them get noticed.

Here is an image that is floating around Facebook that is making an attempt to help get more attention.

facebook sharing.jpg

Other social media and business services are pretty self explanatory as they provide easy ways to leave reviews. Twitter is another service that requires a bit more work from the user.

Twitter users can retweet posts from business as well as comment. You may also like a tweet or heart a tweet to help it out.

Here are a few other apps and services that are important for a small business to get attention.

Yelp and Google.

Yes, there are a lot more apps and service options out there but you will find them as you go. Just remember the importance of helping your local small businesses get noticed in the digital world. This is the new phone book and if businesses don’t get consumer help with recognition then they fall further and further down the list.

The bottom line is helping the small business community whether you shop there or not. These businesses are relying on you to help them advertise and spread the word.

If you would like to take a few minutes and help our small business here is a link to all of our review ares on one page. We thank you in advance for helping our business grow.

Galaxy Gallery and RCM Consulting Reviews

Want to Learn About HDR Photography?
HDR Image from Gatlinburg, TN

HDR Image from Gatlinburg, TN

HDR Photography - What it is, how to shoot for it, what software to use and more.

We are looking to do a workshop on an Introduction to HDR Photography in the near future if there is enough interest.

HDR is short for “high dynamic range.” Dynamic Range is the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark that you can capture in a photograph. If your image surpasses a camera’s dynamic range, the highlights will tend to blow out to white, and/or the darks will become just black areas with no detail. It is hard to shoot a single image photograph that captures both ends of that spectrum. That is where camera technique and software can come into play. This is what you will learn about in our Introduction to HDR Photography workshop.

If you are interested please call us at 719-695-0785 or email us at gallery@ruralcm.com.


This Friday will be the gallery’s first sale and you don’t want to miss it. This sale is ONE day only! Not all inventory in the gallery qualifies for the sale, select artists work only. Don’t worry art lovers, 75% of the art on display will get you the discount. Mark your calendar now to make sure you don’t miss this event. Below are images of the art available. This is also a great opportunity to sign up for the October Artist Spotlight Contest Drawing which you can find details about in the blog post below. Questions about the gallery? Contact us here. Also, when you stop in don’t forget to leave us a review or recommendation HERE.

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homestead vg win 1200.png
October Artist Spotlight and Contest

Vincent Gearhart

Vincent has had a passion for photography for many years. In the past several years, he has expanded his interest in photography with new equipment and software. He enjoys studying new developments in photography and the digital arts. He primarily takes photographs of isolated objects where he likes to make the common, special. Vincent also takes pleasure in landscape photography.

       This month’s contest winner will receive this piece created by Vincent. Homestead is a beautiful addition to your home or office to one lucky winner.

How to enter: Visit the Galaxy Gallery at 108 N Main Street and make a purchase of $4.00 or more, or make a donation to this month’s partner nonprofit, W.I.I.G.S of $5.00 or more to be entered into the drawing. Drawing to be held October, 31st at 12:00pm. For information and contact: Contact Us

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homestead vg win 1200.png
Tile Coaster Workshop
Learn how to make custom tile art coasters from scratch!

Learn how to make custom tile art coasters from scratch!

Learn step-by-step how to make custom art tile coasters from scratch!

You will learn what tools & materials to use, time and money saving tips, shortcuts and best practices to complete your own tile coaster project. 

Just in time for Christmas! These coasters make excellent custom gifts for your loved ones.

Sign up form for this workshop is online at this address: https://www.ruralcm.com/workshop-rsvp/ or call 719-695-0785 - and you can email us at gallery@ruralcm.com.

Cost for this workshop is only $20.00