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RCMedia and Galaxy Gallery Reviews

RCMedia and Galaxy Gallery Reviews

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Galaxy Gallery Facebook Review/Recommendation

RCMedia Facebook Review/Recommendation

Facebook also uses Recommendations. Here’s how to complete an Ask for Recommendation and a Recommendation Post.

Remember that simply sharing or liking a post doesn’t help the business or page. Please recommend, review or comment so the business gets the best possible views.

When sharing a Facebook post from a page, be sure to tag the page from which you are sharing the post. In the text box above the post you are sharing type, @Galaxy Gallery or @RCM Consulting & Consignment LLC, the page will appear in a drop down menu when you start typing after the @ symbol. This process will also trigger the Recommendation box that appears when a page is recommended.

Facebook Recommendation Instructions

1. Click inside the Make Post box at the top of your News Feed to start writing a status update.

2. In the list of options below (such as Photo/Video and Check in), scroll down and click Ask for Recommendations.

3. Next, you’ll see a list of areas near your location pop up. You should pick one as specific as you need for the recommendations. For instance, if you’ve just moved and are asking for the best art gallery in your new neighborhood, you should specify your suburb here. Adding the nearest big city could result in recommendations that are too far away.

4. Add some text to your post to ask your question. You should be as specific as possible to weed out irrelevant results. If you’re looking for a consultant, include that you need a marketing consultant or a small business consultant.

5. When you’re satisfied with your post, click Post. Consider changing the audience using the button next to Post if you’d like to ask friends of friends too.

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Facebook Recommendation Post

When writing a Recommendation Post, use the @ symbol before typing the business page name. When the name appears in the list, click the name to add it to your post.

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